Top 9 Unusual Innovations By South Indian Restaurants You Got To Try

You will never see anyone saying no to South Indian food. Because why not! The exquisite menu and the unique idea of making this cuisine is everything that people want. But what if you get to know that the South Indian restaurants have something more than usual to tell you? The multiverse of added ingredients and unique tastes have given the people of Hyderabad more reasons to switch to this food cuisine. Considering this, here are some of the newest add-ons to the menu that you must order asap.

Cheese Dosa

This is one of the most-loved innovations that the South Indian restaurants have served people with. Nowadays, people’s obsession with cheese has increased over time. If ever someone is in a mad mood, then cheese can surely make them happy. This is where cheese dosa comes into the frame for being the mood maker. If you are expecting a masala dosa, then cheese on it can be above the expectation. You can also find plain dosas with the stuffing of so much cheese that you will not be over with it.

Upma Dosa

How about restaurants that can satiate you with wholesome South Indian food? Well, upma dosa can be one such ideal example of how South Indian food can be so fulfilling. For this, one of the recent innovations is the upma dosa. While the outer layer is crisp with a dosa, the upma stuffing inside makes it surprisingly unique and scrumptious. Find the melody of the Southern taste wrapped in this amazing delicacy available right online. Moreover, it isoverloaded with veggies, adding a cherry on top of the cake.

Beetroot Dosa

While the dosa itself plays the key to being healthy and equally delicious, the beetroot dosa here acts as a masterpiece. South Indian restaurants are recently specializing in this, for it is one of the healthiest ideas of consuming a dosa. This dosa is not as crispy as the other dosas. Instead, it is soft to the touch. Further, the batter has beetroot grounded in it, making itself soft. And then, it is the magical stuffing with beetroot in it. Everything stays in its place, giving a new form to a dosa and beetroots.

Tomato Uttapam

South Indians generally have an obsession with tomatoes. This is again reflected in the restaurants serving tomato uttapam as the newest delicacy. Here, uttapam is not just topped with mixed veggies, but the smoking tomato thing that makes a difference. Smoked tomato on the uttapam with servings of allam chutney and coconut chutney is everything. Polish off this platter to try the unique and amazing South flavors in the best way. You will not be done with one for sure! So, apply a combo to fill your stomach and satiate the tantalizing taste buds with this cuisine.

Sambar Idly

We have always heard about idli sambar first, where the idlis are big enough to sink in the bowl of sambhar. But the idli sambhar we are talking about is something unique and different from the usual. Here idlis are way smaller in size, i.e. known as button idli. With this, you get a huge bowl of wholesome sambhar full of flavors, veggies, and spices. Pour it into your favorite bowl and fill in the idlis. With this, you will be on cloud 9 with the taste so good and the wholesome quantity served by the restaurants.

Honey Steam Dosa

While steam dosa is becoming the recent absolute favorite of most of the people, honey steamed dosa is surely making a major combat. Here, the dosa is steamed to be a thick fluffy base. On this, honey sprinklers make it a surprisingly sweet dosa instead of a sour one. Order this from the South Indian restaurants for the mornings and make your day merrier than ever. 

Pizza Dosa

Another epitome of the newest innovations so far is the pizza dosa, being absolute love. After all, you get to escape the unhealthiness of the refined flour base. At the same time, you do not have to compromise on a pizza either. Here, South Indian restaurants serve the dosa with the complete layering of the pizza sauce and all the ingredients you expect in a pizza. You do not have to fold it, as you get to bite it just like a pizza slice. It is the perfect replacement for gym enthusiasts who are also pizza lovers at the same time.

Palak Dosa

Get a healthy treat that you will enjoy the most with the spinach dosas served in very few and exclusive South Indian restaurantsHere, the stuffing of the dosa is all rolled in spinach. And do not get surprised to see a green-colored dosa because the batter is also prepared with spinach essence. It is surely the healthiest food placement for those who want a guilt-free diet.

Carrot Dosa

Make your dosa crunchier and crazier by ordering carrot dosa from South Indian restaurants. From getting grated carrots on the dosa to getting carrot slices beautifully stuffed in the dosa, there is so much to enjoy in this. With this, sambhar, allam chutney, and coconut chutney ensure that you get the best of all worlds when you are eating dosa and not thinking about anything else.

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