If you’re planning to get married, or attending an event, or have been attending an event whether formal, semi-formal , or casual You always have the possibility to wear a traditional kilt to the occasion.

Selecting the appropriate kilt tartan, jacket design and accessories may seem overwhelming at first. Do you really need everything? Where do they go? Does this tartan match the colour of your jacket? These are the questions we are regularly This guide will assist you in making an informed choice on the best outfit for you.


The first thing to consider is whether you should hire or purchase the kilt. If you’ve got a couple of events planned over the next few years, we’d recommend purchasing the outfit. The major benefit of purchasing rather than hiring multiple times through the years is the cost because hiring just several times could result in a higher cost than purchasing an outfit. Another benefit is that kilts last for years and remain in your family for many generations. How many pieces of clothing that you own could you make that claim about? It’s really an investment for the long term.

The purchase of your Casual Kilt outfit allows you to choose from a variety of tartans and jacket designs that you can choose to wear. There are more than 1400+ tartans, and a variety of jacket styles, with the possibility of creating your own jacket in the Kilt Pack.

The Signature collection is our perfect package to choose from when you’re in search of an entirely unique outfit. The Signature Package lets you completely personalize your waistcoat and jacket, cooperating with the Signature Stylist to create every element of the perfect waistcoat and jacket. 

We also have many customers who are aware that they will have numerous events planned and prefer to rent since it lets them change their attire for every occasion, changing their look each time.

There are benefits when you purchase the kilt Outfits.


The dress code on the invitation or ticket will aid you in deciding on the best dress to wear for a kilt event however when it comes to kilts there’s no one right or wrong choice today. With all the different costumes available for Scottish weddings and parties it is now possible to dress however you want, without worrying about the fashion or being a good fit.


A casual kilt dress is an outfit that can be worn to a match or other sporting event. An ideal example of casual clothing includes the Ex-Hire Kilt or 5 Yard Tartan Kilts that are paired with socks for kilts, boots along with a Ghillie shirt, casual jumper, or shirt.

It is the Ghillie shirt (or Jacobean shirt) that offers an edgier style with an open neck, and no tie to wear in the shirt. This is certainly one of the most casual clothes to wear and is great for weddings outdoors as well as casual summer occasions and even when you travel out to warmer temperatures.

This is also a good idea for the evening section of an event. After meals or dinner, Many people dress in a Ghillie shirts to go out for dancing to the ceilidh or more laid-back part of the evening.


20 years ago, the Prince Charlie Outfit.

In the past, the Prince Charlie jacket and 3 button waistcoat were the most popular styles of waistcoat and jacket worn for formal occasions. The tuxedo for Kilt-wearing outfits.

It features tails in the back, stain-lapels on the front, epaulets on the shoulder, a three-button cuff with a set button and the waistcoat has 3 buttons. The traditional formal color is black. color, however navy, green, and other colors are also available.

Wearing Prince Charlie is an eagle shirt and bow tie. The bow tie may be the same color as your jacket (mainly black) or be worn with the tartan of the Kilt. The norm is to not wear a belt or buckle when wearing an outfit like the Prince Charlie jacket as the waistcoat will block it from view. For proper manners, scottish sporrans with cantle are appropriate with your Prince Charlie jacket. Ghillie brogues (traditionally black) can be worn along with a cream kilt hose, and the appropriate tartan flashes. We recommend against wearing white kilt hose since they are generally reserved for pipers.


However, in recent years the traditional Kilt jacket have been replaced in popularity by more modern and unique styles.

Wedding guests, groomsmen, and formal event guests are sporting tweed jackets as well as waistcoats for their formal events, rather as opposed to what they did in the Prince Charlie jacket. The Tweed jacket is traditionally thought of as a semi-formal look, however when you add the five buttons on a tweed waistcoat and a change of the traditional attire, it is adding more formality to an attire.

our shop has also tweed jacket available, with two light grey, that you can wear on any event. This jacket are ideal to pair with most tartans and are often considered formal attire.

The tweed jacket along with the 5-button waistcoat offers the option of a more diverse neckwear collection, with bow tie, tie, and tartan tie. It is also possible to wear the full-length sporran dress wearing a Tweed Jacket which adds to the formality of the attire.


This is typically when you are wearing the Argyll Jacket with no waistcoat. It is still adorned with classic features, like gauntlet sleeves with cuffs as well as epaulets that are worn on shoulders, and buttons on pockets on the front. The jacket is shorter than that of Prince Charlie and therefore looks more like a suite-style of jacket. The inclusion of a belt and buckle makes the outfit appear less formal. For semi-formal attire, Ghillie brogues are still the preferred choice for the majority of people however, other styles are readily available such as brown, or plain brogues to give a more casual appearance. They can also be used with semi-dresses or day sporrans, which, again removes the formality of the ensemble.


Yes, if you’re the groom at the wedding, however, it is recommended to leave the dress to the person who is in charge of the wedding. There are occasions when we see the most beautiful males and fathers who are groom and bride in fly plaids but it is only when the Groom wears one.


Another regular question we get asked is “will I offend anyone by wearing this tartan”. You absolutely won’t and if anything, it’s a sign of respect. There is only one tartan you are not actually allowed to wear, which is the Queen’s Tartan, unless of course you get permission from her first. If you are very worried about this, you could wear a Black watch tartan, Scottish National Tartan or even one of our own Mist range of tartans, which are universal and can be worn by anyone.


There are several different ways to style your kilt outfit formally or semi-formally and to start, we offer a range of kilt accessories. A traditional cravat tie comes in a variety of colours and can be worn with either a white or black swept shirt. Ruche-style ties are quite a traditional choice for weddings and should be worn with a Victorian shirt. Shirt colour is important with black being seen as slightly more casual and modern. 

The kilt shirt is a crucial component of a traditional Scottish ensemble, complementing the iconic kilt perfectly. Also known as a Jacobite shirt, it holds historical significance and cultural value. The kilt shirt typically features a simple and elegant design, with a loose and comfortable fit, making it ideal for pairing with a kilt. It is distinguished by its unique features, such as a lace-up front and a granddad collar, which adds to its charm and authenticity. The shirt’s versatility allows it to be worn on various occasions, from formal gatherings like weddings and Highland events to more casual settings. Whether you’re attending a traditional Scottish event or just embracing your love for Celtic fashion, the kilt shirt is a timeless and stylish choice that beautifully complements the grace and charm of the Scottish kilt. Wing collar shirts go with bow-ties and are a formal style, however straight ties (which are more on-trend) should be worn with a standard collar shirt and add to the formality and modern style of a kilt outfit.

Tartan bow ties have also become increasingly popular and are a quirky twist on a classic design.

The scottish sporrans is the small bag that attaches to a chain strap and is worn around the waist of the kilt. It is important as dress sporrans should be worn to formal events and day/semi-dress sporrans to casual events. 

The kilt belt and buckle can be worn to semi-formal events, but without a waistcoat. The buckles come in many styles and can be traditionally plain and very extravagant and stylish depending on your taste and how much you would like the buckle to stand out. 

Socks and flashes can also be seen as formal and semi-formal. Black socks are a more modern style, possibly suited more to semi-formal events and cream socks are worn formally. 

Ensure you tie your shoe laces correctly by following our helpful guide.

It is the same with kilt pins. This is the small metal piece added to the bottom right of the kilt, originally used to stop tartan kilts for sale from blowing up, but nowadays is used for style. Brown kilt pins create a contemporary/modern style and silver kilt pins for a more formal/traditional outfit. 

Would You Like To Purchase a Wedding Kilt Outfit ?

The collection of Scottish Kilt includes suiting fabrics, Jacket fabrics, acrylic wool with tartan and plaid patterns. All the fabrics & Tartans are weaving very carefully. So feel free to contact us, because we are always looking to help our customers to make their life events more valuable and memorable. Therefore, you can ask for any kind of custom made products.

Selecting the right kilt outfit for any event requires careful consideration of various factors. Whether you’re attending a formal, semi-formal, or casual occasion, wearing a traditional kilt adds a touch of Scottish heritage and style to your ensemble.

When deciding between hiring or buying a kilt outfit, it’s essential to weigh the frequency of events you’ll be attending. Purchasing an outfit can be a cost-effective option if you have multiple occasions planned over the next few years. Additionally, owning a Scottish kilt allows for more customization options, with a wide selection of tartans and jacket designs to choose from.

For casual events, a kilt outfit can be dressed down by opting for a Ghillie shirt, casual jumper, or shirt paired with an Ex-Hire Kilt or 5 Yard Tartan Kilt. This ensemble is perfect for sporting events or outdoor weddings, providing a relaxed yet stylish look.

Formal events traditionally called for the Prince Charlie jacket and 3-button waistcoat. However, in recent years, more modern styles have gained popularity. Tweed jackets paired with a 5-button waistcoat offer a unique and formal alternative. These outfits allow for a diverse range of neckwear options, such as bow ties, ties, or tartan ties.

For a semi-formal look, the Argyll Jacket without a waistcoat is a popular choice. This jacket, featuring classic elements and a shorter length, can be paired with Ghillie brogues and semi-dress or day sporrans.

When it comes to tartans, there is a wide variety to choose from, and you can wear any tartan without causing offense. However, it’s respectful to avoid wearing the Queen’s Tartan without permission. Popular tartans include the Black Watch Tartan, Scottish National Tartan, or universal tartans like the Mist range.

Accessorizing your kilt outfit adds the finishing touches. Consider options such as cravat ties, ruche-style ties, wing collar shirts with bow ties, or straight ties with standard collar shirts. Scottish sporrans, kilt belts, buckles, socks, flashes, and kilt pins also contribute to the overall look and formality of your outfit.

In conclusion, choosing the right kilt outfit for any event involves considering the dress code, personal style, and desired level of formality. With a wide range of options available, you can create a unique and memorable ensemble that reflects your individuality and pays homage to Scottish tradition.