Ethical Hacking Apps Everyone Must Have in 2023

The concept of ethical hacking may seem contradictory at first, but it’s not. Some hackers use their hacking skills for ill, while others use them to identify weaknesses in IT environments. Think of burglars and security consultants: both are looking for vulnerabilities, but they do different things with the information.

What does ethical hacking actually involve and why is it so crucial to an organization’s IT security posture? Here goes; hacking with the intent of good and with full consent and approval of the target is termed ethical hacking or white-hat hacking. An Ethical Hacker uses tools and knowledge to identify security weaknesses in IT systems, databases, networks, or applications. Any flaws they uncover are then reported to the target and recommendations are provided for fixing them.

Cyberattacks are increasing in size and intensity at a rapid pace and there is no sign that they’ll slow down anytime soon. The average cost of a data breach for companies is now $4.35 million, which is the highest amount ever recorded (IBM Security, 2022).

Black Hat Hackers pose a significant threat to organizations, so organizations must be proactive in defending against them. The use of ethical hackers to attack companies is one of the best ways to mitigate the impact of black hat tools. Ethical hackers are integral parts of the cybersecurity strategies of important institutions like Banks, the Military, and National Intelligence Agencies.

So, if you are somebody new to this term and want some help, we have a list of tools that will do the job for you. Just make sure to have reliable and fast internet like Spectrum Internet, so that there are no delays.

Below are some of the apps you can use for your organization’s security:


The tool secures thousands of websites for enterprise organizations and dramatically reduces the risk of attack. Invicti provides organizations with complicated environments with unique DAST and IAST scanning capabilities that allow them to automate their web security with confidence.

It has a really cool dashboard and great features. This section tells you what version of software your web application is running, while you also get an overview of the entire technology stack, which is very helpful. Application scanning is good in both web and desktop applications. Several security checks can be customized according to your needs. In addition, the customer service is good.


This is another amazing tool and over 100 types of passwords can be recovered with its robust password recovery service. The process is automated, so you only have to wait until your passwords are restored. This can be especially useful when you have lost the Wi-Fi password, PDF file password, or Word document password. In this case, you connect to your preferred Wi-Fi hotspot and view important documents and files again.

Moreover, it is also cost-effective to use HashCat Online Password Recovery. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a plan that will provide a list of basic passwords. There is also a recovery option that is refundable. As a result, you only pay when the password is recovered successfully. If that is not the case, you will get your money back.


Aircrack is an extremely well-known scanner that can display WiFi signals and traffic. The detection evasion system on this system provides hackers with an opportunity to snoop easily. There are several programs in the Aicrack-ng system that gather intel and provide attack capabilities. Sadly, this tool also transmits packets, and it has a reputation for cracking WEP “encryption keys”

In addition to being an old system, Aircrack-ng has a bad interface since it was designed for engineers. A command-line interface is the only way to use Aircrack-ng. Because of this, rival systems have an easy time beating the tool. Anyway, it is a cost-effective tool and if you are on a tight budget, Aircrack is the perfect solution for your firm’s security. 

SecTools offers this product as an open-source project. Specifically, it focuses on 802.11 wireless LANs, including tools for sniffing packets, managing drivers, intercepting traffic, recovering lost keys, and cracking WEP and WAP. 

Fortify WebInspect

Security professionals and quality assurance testers can use this DAST solution to discover security vulnerabilities and configuration concerns. In order to accomplish this, a live application is simulated to mimic real-world external security attacks so that issues can be discovered and prioritized for root-cause analysis. A number of REST APIs are provided by Fortify WebInspect for easy integration, and it can be maintained fully automatically or via an intuitive user interface.

With Fortify WebInspect, you can run a fully automated DevOps solution seamlessly integrated with your SDLC to meet your DevOps requirements. The REST API supports closer integration because it automates scans and ensures compliance with standards. Other security testing and management platforms, such as Micro Focus Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Quality Center, can be integrated with this solution.

Wrapping Up

An ethical hacker uses hacker techniques to discover system security weaknesses. You can also use a bunch of tools/apps for this purpose. Some of which we have mentioned in this article. We hope you find them useful.