Powerful Meditation Mudras To Get Ahead In Life

Everyone knows about meditation. It is something that was always omnipresent in our lives. Meditation is a part of yoga, to be precise. This is for all those, who see it as a separate entity. You will be performing yoga, even when not engaged in asanas. Moreover, meditation can provide you with the same set of benefits, and probably more, if you do it regularly. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh covers the above and more. You will be learning asanas, meditation, breath works, kriyas, bandhas, and mudras as well. 

Now, when you see someone in meditation, you must have noticed their hand position. The gestures that one makes during meditation, are better called as mudras. Mudras are not just a part of yoga, but various dance forms as well. Meditation can help you to relax the brain and nervous system. And, the mudras are accompaniments, which can positively affect your elements. Each finger is connected to an element, like earth, water, air, fire, and space. When you hold such hand positions during meditation, the results expand manifold. 

You will learn about some of the powerful meditative mudras today. 

Learn About Mudras In The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Mudras are subtle actions, which can produce huge results. They can change your mood, your outlook, and your physical health condition, as well. They were often used by yogis and sages, to connect to the Universe. Mudras are very powerful tools that can activate your chakras, kundalini energy, and nadis as well. It helps the life energy to flow unhindered. If your chakras are unblocked, the energy flows fast towards the Sahasrara chakra, from where it can unite with the supreme. 

Before, you learn about the various mudras today, you should know, which finger represents which element. It will help you to master the same, easily. 

  • Air or Vayu represents the Index Finger
  • Fire or Agni represents the Thumb Finger
  • Water or Jal represents the Little Finger
  • Earth or Prithvi represents the Ring Finger
  • Space or Akash represents the Middle Finger 

So, now you have a fair idea of the fingers and their corresponding elements. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India covers the above in detail. 

Powerful Mudras Decoded 

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh will cover the below mudras, and you will also learn about their benefits, contraindications, methods, and variations. If you can master these once, they will stay with you for a lifetime. At Living Yoga School. You will get the necessary guidance to perform the mudras properly and also extract its myriad benefits. 

Let us delve into the various mudras, which help you to get ahead in life. 

  • Gyan Mudra – It is also referred to as the gesture of knowledge. If you want to increase your knowledge and concentration, then practice this on a regular basis. You can sit comfortably in a meditative pose, like Sukhasana or Padmasana. The index finger has to be folded, so that it can rest on the tip of the thumb. The remaining three fingers will be outstretched. They may be slightly apart from one another, and relaxed. Now, you must place the hands on the knees, with the palms facing downwards. You can also close the eyes and start meditating. Apart from the hand gesture, you must also concentrate on your breathing. The normal time, for which one may practice a mudra is 15 minutes, on an average. You can also extend this timing for this mudra. Gyan mudra, apart from increasing your concentration and knowledge, also cures anxiety. It also aids in spiritual development of an individual. 
  • Vayu Mudra – Vayu means air. So, you can very well understand, that you can balance the air element, through the practice of this mudra. If you regularly practice this mudra, you can get rid of the gaseous elements from your intestines. It is especially useful for your gastrointestinal tract. Your main focus during the practice of this mudra, should be on the index finger and the thumb. As always, you must find a peaceful place, and sit there in any meditative posture. Take a deep breath, and then fold the index finger, to touch the base of the thumb. You can apply light pressure on that spot. You can also increase the pressure, if that suits you. Keep the other fingers straight. The hands can be comfortably placed on the knees, as usual. To amplify the effects of this mudra, you can chant the Om Mantra. This mudra is extremely effective for seniors, as it can help them with back pain. Moreover, it helps one to get rid of gases. You will also experience weight loss, if you do this mudra properly. 
  • Varun Mudra – It is basically the mudra of water element. It can help in regulating and managing the water content in the body. It is also known as ‘Jal Vardhak’ in Sanskrit. If you are dehydrated, then you should definitely do this mudra. To do this mudra, you have to bring the tip of the little finger, in contact with the tip of the thumb. The remaining three fingers will be straight. You can make this gesture with both hands. You can also do this mudra in the summer months, to remain cool. The practice session can last for 20-30 minutes. You can incorporate this mudra into your meditation session, as it can give you the best results. Apart from balancing the water element, it also helps in purifying your blood. It also reduces cholesterol. Moreover, it also moisturizes the eyes. 

You can learn about the above mudras and many more, in detail, as a part of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Living Yoga School is one of the schools which has achieved new heights today. So, you can enroll yourself in a course there. Learn and practice yoga meditation, along with mudras, under the aegis of the best teachers. The times ahead will be as per your benefits. You will simply thank yourself, for taking this decision early on.