Top 16 Best Optoma Projectors: 4k, 1080p Both Quality (Updated)

Projectors are the best when you need a feel of home theatre or watching movies with friends outdoors or for any gaming purpose. Designed to give you the best feel with the amazing picture quality, projectors are there to get the best theatre vibes. With the projectors at home, you can make your own space at home.

Basically, a projector is an investment for the long term. Amazing HD quality makes it worth buying if you need this big device for parties or gaming nights. Usually looking for the best Optoma projector gives you a similar feeling.

With so many brands in the market with projectors for different purposes, it is mainly up to you whether you like portable projectors. Some projectors are there which are so big that you need to be sitting at a greater distance while some are short range.

Amongst so many brands, one is Optoma (Visit: providing you with some of the best Optoma projectors for outdoors, or gaming, or even home theatre. Providing you with the best experience, you have so many options in it. Depending on the need, you can look for the best one for yourself.

Deciding the best projector at home will require a lot of specifications to consider so that you do not regret your decision. After considering so many factors, we have prepared a list of the best Optoma projector to provide you with outstanding performance. 

List of the best optoma projectors:

1. Optoma UHD384000Amazon
2. Optoma GT1090HDR4200Amazon
3. Optoma UHD52ALV3500Amazon
4. Optoma CinemaX P23000Amazon
5. Optoma HZ39HDR4000Amazon
6. Optoma EH200ST3000Amazon
7. Optoma GT56003600Amazon
8. Optoma EH412ST4000Amazon
9. Optoma UHD353600Amazon
10. Optoma GT1080HDR3800Amazon
11. Optoma HD28HDR3600Amazon
12. Optoma X400LVe4000Amazon
13. Optoma EH3353600Amazon
14. Optoma GT1080Darbee3000Amazon
15. Optoma HD142X3000Amazon
16. Optoma HD146X3600Amazon

1. Optoma UHD38 4K UHD Projector- Quick response time


  • Sitting at home only, you will get the best theatre experience with this outstanding projector.
  • Visuals are amazing as it keeps the pictures real as in it keeps the color realistic and minimal.
  • As they made it for gaming also, it does not lag when you play a game.
  • Keeping it to the gamers, they let them decide whether they want an advantage or more detailing in the picture.
  • With amazing brightness and lumens, you can enjoy watching on the projector in the daytime.


With 4 K UHD, it is mainly for gaming purposes. Amazing brightness, compatibility with HDR and quick response are some of its advantages. Mainly it is ideal for gaming, watching movies and sports events as it gives the life experience. Color clarity is great and has a more black level to give the realistic experience. With a response time of 4.2 ms, your game would not lag in between. Present in it is 4000 lumen lights for clear visibility. Furthermore, it leaves to the gamers to decide on the detailing of the picture. 

Weighing around 9 lbs makes it lightweight and portable for you to shift the location of the projector. Remote coming along with it is small yet fits well in the palm. Lacking a long throw lens is quite a problem for the games when it is specific for the games. Lamp life is up to 15000 hours. Easy installation makes it easier to work on even for the beginner. With so many features to support gaming, it is amongst the best Optoma projector for gaming. Also, it has a throw distance off around 120 inches if you are sitting approx 13 feet away from the screen.

FINAL OPINION: With some amazing features, it is the best Optoma projector for gaming. Performance is outstanding, be it at daytime or in dark, as the view on it is amazing. Moreover, the color and picture clarity is amazing and does not put stress on your eyes. Several features like the zoom in and out and the lens shift are amazing to work with. Not just for gaming but also it works amazingly to watch any movie or series. Also, because of the amazing picture and color quality, it does not affect your eyes. 

2. Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw Laser Projector- Automatic power On


  • Replace lamp lights up to around 30000 with the availability of the laser light and therefore requires less maintenance.
  • Amazing viewing experience because of the black and enhanced white lights that provide clarity.
  • Images on it are mainly high definitions and sharp therefore make it more like a theatre experience.
  • With the help of Signal power on, it just automatically switches on when HDMI receives signal.
  • Featuring an auto key connection enables you to adjust the image at a particular angle without moving it from the centre. 


Installation of this model is easy therefore you would not have to spend much of your time on its setting up. Not just the installation, but also it is easy to use. Being a short throw projector, you can watch it sitting near it. And also it makes it suitable for smaller apartment. In addition, it works well and provides clear visibility both during daytime and darkness. With such specifications, you can simply use it for playing movies and also games. Though it has a 4k input but it lacks 4 k Output. 

With so much amazing quality, it just gives you 3 D experience. They enhanced white color while the black colors are more deep. Featuring IPx6, it is dust resistant thus you do not have to worry about the dust and the scratches. With the duracore lighting, you can watch endless movies as it works for around 30000. Really durable, it weighs nearly 20 pounds, which means you can port it. 4200 lumens makes the projector light enough bright to work in daylight. Connect it to Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV and make it work better.

FINAL OPINION: Because of the outstanding and sharp picture quality, it is said to be the best Optoma projector for golf simulators. Not just easy to install but also it is easy to use. Pictures are sharp enough along with the color quality. Serving multiple uses, one can use it to watch any movie or sports and for gaming. Another benefit you will find in it while using which could have been annoying is that it does not make even a little noise. Availability of laser lights makes the lamp light run up to 30000 hours.

3. Optoma UHD52ALV 4K UHD Smart Projector- Supports voice command


  • 4K UHD features in it to provide you with high-quality pictures with more detailing on it. 
  • The colors on the screen look so real and do not strain your eyes because of the clarity and proper depth level.
  • Along with 3500 lumens, you can have a great time watching on the projector both outdoor and indoor in daylight and darkness both.
  • Featuring a smart technology makes your work easy as you can simply control it by giving voice commands.
  • Watch your favourite movies without worrying about the replacement of the lamp life as it works for around 15000 Hours.


Having a weight of 11 pounds, you can shift it outdoors and indoors without worrying about its weight. With the support of voice commands, you just simply give instructions and it does the work for you. Quite an interesting feature, this saves your efforts. Ports on the back make it compatible to work with several other devices. Picture quality is so good with all the details as it features 4K UHD. Along with the picture, colors are also so good that you won’t have any regret with it. 

As it has 3500 lumens brightness, you need not worry about watching only indoors as it is suitable to watch even during the day. In addition, the lamp light works for years without draining as it goes up to 15000 hours. But the problem lies with the setting as it takes a lot of time and effort. Another add-on feature is the stunning zoom and lens shift. If you look forward to calibrating it, then there can be disappointment for you. Overall it is an amazing product to use. 

FINAL OPINION: Supporting voice commands on it makes your work so much easier than you just need to give instructions over voice and it does your work. With so many ports at the back, it is compatible with many devices and both Android and IOS. Watching or playing games are tension-free as the lamps last 15000 hours, that is around 8 to 10 years. Not compromising on the quality of the pictures, they are more detailed and sharp therefore, there is clear visibility. Because of the accurate brightness, you can enjoy watching movies on it during daylight as well.

4. Optoma CinemaX P2 Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Projector– Amazing laser technology


  • Get the best experience of a movie hall with this projector having  4 K Ultra HD technology.
  • Including a 6 segment wheel means you get better colors and brightness on the screen.
  • With the presence of laser lights, the lamplight works up to around 30000 hours, which is a lot of time.
  • Watch an image of 120 inches sitting a few feet away with the short-throw design it comprises therefore you do not have a big room for it.
  • With the voice command help, you can enjoy sitting at a place and give it the instructions.


With the 4 K UHD ultra quality and the short-throw design, get this projector even to smaller apartments. As you can watch movies or games sitting a few inches away, it just feels good. Though you will find a problem with adjusting the picture on the screen. The pictures are amazing along with the colors as it includes a 6 segment color wheel for enhancement. Finding black color in depth and white color looking more enhanced, it is just the best Optoma projector for home theatre because of its picture and sound quality. 

Built-in speakers would not give any chance of complaining. With 3000 lumens, it has enough brightness to get clear visibility in all the lights. Because of the laser technology, it gets a light source life of around 30000 hours. With the voice help, you just need to give command to it and it does your work accordingly. Animations work amazing on it that gives you a more realistic experience. Though, the built in apps could be better as they are of no use. Also, it weighs 24 pounds, but the design is sleek. 

FINAL OPINION: With the astonishing picture quality and the color quality, it works well for gaming and for watching movies. One of the best Optoma projectors, it works well at home as it has a short throw distance which means you do not need to sit far away. HD quality is just so fine to give you the feel of the theatres at home. In fact, it also has voice assistance, which means you connect it with Alexa or something similar to it. With voice help, you just need to give instructions sitting in one place.

5. Optoma HZ39HDR Laser Projector- Reliability without lamp


  • With the duracore laser light, you must not worry about the long run of the light as it works for around 30000 hours. 
  • Providing amazing white lights and deeper black lights lets you get the best colors for better visibility.
  • Having brightness with 4000 lumens, you can watch anything on it both during daytime and night.
  • Connectivity is well enough to allow you to play games and meantime connect it to other media resources.
  • Built-in audio quality is far better, not requiring any other speaker and gives you an experience of you sitting in a theatre.


Mainly aimed at gamers and movie watchers, this works exceptionally well. Colors are astonishing and the picture quality is worth buying for. Though it supports HDR but it lacks 4 K UHD. With minimal gaming lags, it has great refresh rate therefore supports gaming. One of the best Optoma projector for gaming for a reason, it is just an ideal projector for you. In addition, it has a duracore laser light that lets the projector work for 30000 hours approx which is long enough to work. 

With enough ports on it, you can connect it to several media devices along with the gaming consoles and HDMI. Also, built-in audio quality is loud enough that you do not need any other external speakers. Installation is easy, and it has 1.3 x Zoom quality. In addition, with the 4000 lumens, it is bright enough to work both outdoors and indoors. Lens shift is absent along with the keystone correction. With the great refresh rate, it supports 3D movies also, all you need is a 3D glass. 

FINAL OPINION: Just what the best Optoma projector for outdoor features it must have, it has 4000 lumens brightness that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Having a long running life of light, you do not have to worry about it stopping working. Pictures are astounding and thus it gives you an outstanding theatre like experience. Plus, the inbuilt speakers are loud enough with no external speakers required. With a voice command feature, you can just sit and give instructions to open it.

6. Optoma EH200ST 1080p Short Throw Projector- Best for training purpose


  • Watch the images of size 120 inches with just a few inches away because of the short throw design.
  • Mainly designed for offices, schools and other training purposes, it ought to have the best picture quality.
  • 3000 lumens brightness is enough to work in many light or without light, therefore it can also work outdoors.
  • With so many options available for connectivity, you can connect several devices through the ports.
  • Featuring a vertical keystone correction means that you do not have to adjust the projector to fit the images on the screen.


First to talk about this projector, it is a short throw projector, which means it is suitable for smaller classes or offices. Basically, sitting a few inches back, you can have a clear picture of a size 120 inches. Plus, because it specifically made them for official purposes, it has sharp picture and text quality. Along with it is outstanding visual graphics. In addition, it has 3000 lumens of brightness for working in all environments. 6 segment color wheels add to its enhanced color quality. Sharp color quality is just another quality of this projector that makes it the best Optoma projector. 

Suitable for small spaces, it has speakers inbuilt that are loud enough to be heard. Lamp light source works for 6500 hours approx which is much less than other projectors in this list. Vertical keystone correction presence makes it easier for you to set up the projector as you do not have to move it to let the pictures fit in. In addition, it has an auto shut down facility which means it shuts off after a few working hours to save energy and efficiency. So many ports on it makes it accessible to connect several media and other devices. 

FINAL OPINION: With no doubt, it is the best Optoma projector for training, education and offices. Not requiring a big room to fit it in, the image size of 120 inches can be seen from a distance of approx 14 inches clearly. Not just this, the picture quality is outstanding. Brightness complementing the picture quality is good enough that lets you see without straining your eyes. Along with that, the speakers installed on it are loud enough for small classes. But if you wish to use it in large auditoriums, you need to add an external speaker.

7. Optoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw Gaming and Movie Projector– Allows screen mirroring


  • Watch the amazing pictures of 100 inches away from a very short distance with the short throw.
  • Brightness is enough for using the projectors anytime during daytime and dull light, indoor and outdoor.
  • Installation is flexible enough as it has auto keystone and four corner correction, therefore easy to set up.
  • With HD Cast Pro, you can use the function of both screens mirroring and streaming with the support of Wi-fi.
  • Aspect ratio enables you to play games and view videos because of the astounding graphics and color quality.


There is an ultra-short throw that makes this projector just perfect for even a small room. That means, now you can watch the screen with images of 100 inches by fixing the projector on the wall with a little wiring. Moreover, there are many reasons to love this projector. Considering it to be the best Optoma projector for home theater, it has sharp picture quality. In addition, 3600 lumens of brightness make it suitable to be placed anywhere, indoor and outdoor. 

Featuring auto keystone and four corner correction, it easily positions the image on the screen. Having 15000 hours light life, it can operate for over 10 years even if you use it daily for 3 hours. If you have 3D glass, you can watch 3D content as well. Allowing you to do screen mirroring, you can play games. With HD cast Pro, you can enjoy using it without wire as it comes with a card and a multimedia stick. But it could be better if it would come with proper instructions as much may face problems with its installation.

FINAL OPINION: Projectors are mainly to watch movies with a theatre experience. Similarly, this is also the best Optoma projector for home theater as well as gaming. Having an ultra short throw projector means you do not have big rooms to set this projector. Moreover, there is an auto keystone present. Graphics and pictures on the screen are just so fine for gaming. Also, you can do screen mirroring when playing a game and along with that do streaming. Brightness also allows you to watch it in any light.

8. Optoma EH412ST Short Throw 1080P HDR Professional Projector– Ensured portability


  • Enjoy the picture with the perfect brightness in the meeting rooms, classrooms, or even training halls.
  • Installation is easy even in the small rooms as it is a short throw projector so you can watch it even from a distance of 4.5 inches.
  • White color is more enhanced and the black color deeper, the overall colors are vibrant which makes the images look real.
  • Built-in speakers in it are loud enough to reach the ears of people sitting in small or medium-sized rooms.
  • Having a long light source life, you can enjoy watching movies on it even for 2 hours a day and it still works for around 8 to 10 years.


For those who prefer to watch movies in both indoors as well as outdoors, the benefit of it is that it is lightweight and thus portable. Weighing just around 7 pounds, you can enjoy movie nights with your friends outdoors or even indoors by carrying the projector. Mainly for training, education and offices, you do not have to worry about it fitting in. As it is a short throw projector, you can fit it into smaller rooms and view it from a distance of around 4 inches. It is the new 2022 Optoma 4k projector along with 1080 p resolution. 

4000 lumen of brightness allows it to work indoors as well as outdoors without compromising on the picture quality. Built-in speakers work so well and loud that you do not have to need extra speakers. 15000 hours of lamp light source means it works for over 10 years requiring no replacement. Color and picture quality makes it one of the best Optoma projector for golf simulator along with using it for other education purpose. Several connectivity spots allow you to connect with various media devices.

FINAL OPINION: Suitable to use in offices and classrooms, you can do the work on it thus reducing strain on eyes. Moreover, the fan in it makes very little noise so it would not annoy you. Pictures are in wonderful colors and the brightness is also fine.

Those who like to watch movies outdoors in sunlight, they do not have to think about the picture quality. Also, there is no need to add an external speaker, as the installed speakers are loud enough to be heard in a small room. In addition, the light source lasts long without replacement. Furthermore, it is the best Optoma projector for golf simulator because of the amazing graphics.

9. Optoma UHD35 True 4K UHD Next Generation Gaming Projector– 8 segment color wheels


  • Game does not lag or gives you the blur free images rather works smoothly, therefore, it is ideal for gamers.
  • The colors in the picture are bright and the black color is deep, which makes the pictures look real.
  • Pictures are bright enough for you to carry the projector outdoors for movie nights or even at daytime.
  • Because of the zoom-in feature, you can adjust the projector to the screen by just keeping it on the table. 
  • 8 segment color wheels give amazing colors to the picture providing the best experience.


Weighing around 8 lbs, it is enough light for the person to carry it from one place to another. 4 K UHD ultra input supports the videos and gives an enriching experience of theatres. Not just watching videos, but the projector also supports gaming purposes. Having 240 Hz gaming provides lag free gaming and the images also do not blur in between. Moreover, it has 8 color segment wheels for amazing picture colors that look real on screen. Colors are bright and the black color is in depth. 

Supporting both mounting on the wall or keeping it on the table, you can easily adjust the picture according to the projector with its 1.1 x zoom. Featuring 3600 lumens of brightness makes it work the best during daylight and darkness. Also, it has a response time of 4.2 ms at 1080 resolution. Further, it has 50 Watts of power to run it. Several ports on it enable connectivity to the media sticks. But the problem with it is that you cannot watch 3D content as it does not support it.

FINAL OPINION: Not only is it for viewing movies but also supports gaming with 240 Hz gaming. For those who prefer to watch movies in the lawns or in a darker room, for them it is ideal. Having 8 segment color wheels gives you the experience of realistic pictures. New 2022 Optoma 4k projector only for input will make it even better. Being a short-throw projector allows you to watch movies even in small rooms. Also, you won’t find it difficult to set up the image because of its zooming facility.

10. Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector- Quick responsive time


  • 6 segment wheels provide bright and accurate colors for an appropriate view of the picture. 
  • Best for gaming as it supports gaming with a fast response time of 8.4 ms and 120 Hz refresh rate. 
  • Supports 3D pictures as it includes dual HDMI, so you watch 3D movies at home only. 
  • Images are sharp and detailed as it has a 3800 lumen of brightness, so you can set up on the lawn or indoors. 
  • Coming with a built-in speaker of power up to 10 watts, there is no requirement for external speakers. 


Featuring the HDR technology, it provides the best and bright white picture and black color in depth. 6 segment color wheels give the best enhanced and detailed colors. Gaming mode has a quick response time of around 8.4 ms and a refresh rate of 120 HZ. A short throw lens enables you to fix the projectors in a small room also so that you watch the content even from a shorter distance as well. We can see clearly a 120-inch image from a distance of around 4 inches. 

Connect with various gaming consoles and other media for eg: Amazon firestick or Alexa. Also, this is the best Optoma projector that you can use anywhere, be it inside the room or in the garden area. One does not have to worry about its portability and the picture visibility. Along with it has a fixed speaker of 10 Watt, therefore, you do not want any external speaker. In addition, you do not worry about the replacement of the light source as it has a capacity to run up to 15000 hours, that is around 10 years without replacement. Image set up is also easy with the amazon g technology it comprises. 

FINAL OPINION: Featuring HDR technology, it provides a bright white color and black color in depth. Also, it has quick response time with just 8.4 ms and 12 Hz refresh rate for providing you with the best gaming experience. This new 2022 Optoma 4K projector will provide you with an impressive projector. Also, it supports 3D content as it has proper technology attached. Being a short throw projector, you do not have to look for managing space or looking for bigger rooms as it can provide an amazing view from a shorter distance. 

11. Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector for Gaming and Movies- Dynamic black technology


  • One can enjoy the picture quality on the screen with this projector as it has amazing HD quality pictures.
  • Provides with more bright white light and deep black color along as it features HDR technology attached to it.
  • 6 segment color wheels provide sharp images that give you more experience.
  • For all the gamers, they designed it with the gaming mode and a fast responsive system along with 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • Shorter throw distance would let you enjoy the picture from a few inches away with the screen size of 120 inches.


It just weighs around 5 lbs, which means you can shift the place of the projector as and when you like it. Having 1080 resolution means you can experience sharp and detailed images. Providing amazing white and black colors for a better movie experience, as it has HDR10 technology. 4000 lumens of brightness allow the best and the brightest features, without concern about how strong or dull the light is. And for a better color, it has 6 segment color wheels that provide a detailed color. Not to forget about its 3D technology, all you need is 3D glass. 

Response time is quick of just 16 ms and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Usually when you watch movies showing night scenes, the visibility is not clear but it has better visibility that shows the proper details even of dark scenes. With dynamic black technology, every scene is so clear that it shows bright colors when showing bright scenes as well. Supporting compatibility with the media and gaming consoles, you can connect it with several external devices. With no doubt, it is the best Optoma Projector for outdoor. You can enjoy the light life up to 15000 hours without replacement.


FINAL OPINION: Targeting the gamers and the movie lovers, they designed it with some amazing features. Having a fast response time and refresh rate, it works well for gamers as they do not have to worry about the lagging in between the game. Plus, the 3D features provide you a more realistic experience sitting at home. Moreover, the short throw distance allows you to enjoy the projector screen sitting a few inches away. Also, it is compatible to connect with several other media devices like Amazon firestick and Alexa, or even Apple TV. It has most of the features that you expect from the best Optoma projector of yours.

12. Optoma X400LVe XGA Professional Projector- Features Eco+ mode


  • With the accurate contrast ratio and the resolution, it provides you with the best and detailed picture.
  • Easily take it and set it where you wish to as it is lightweight therefore portable, that means you can use it indoors or even outdoors.
  • Built-in speaker integrated in it therefore you may not require any additional speaker as it is loud enough.
  • With the short throw range, one can watch the screen having the image of 120 inches even from a distance of 15 inches.
  • Large number of slots on the projector lets you connect to various external devices such as mobiles, and laptops.


Categorized under business and education, this projector can only be mounted on a wall. Suitable for presentations, you can also use it to watch movies. With the maximum resolution of 1600p, it provides amazing picture clarity. Also, they took care of the color quality, with bright colors and deep black color. 10 Watt integrated speakers are ideal to listen to the audio in a smaller area with no need of external speakers. But if you are in a large hall, you may require speakers attached to it.

With 4000 lumens, they have looked for the brightness on the screen. Pictures in the daylight look bright enough for proper visibility. Moreover, with a short throw range, one can easily see an image of 120 inches from a distance of around 15 feet. Because it has a light life of around 15000 hours, stay free from the stress of replacing it as it works for 10 or more years. There are many ports on the projector, which allow you to connect several devices like laptops and mobile phones to it. Also, for making it eco friendly, they have used auto cut off which means you save energy as it shuts down when not used for some time. 

FINAL OPINION: Multiple purpose projector is suitable for several like watching movies, presentations, and classroom training. Plus, the setup is easy and because it is lightweight, you can carry it and set it up in different rooms. One of the best Optoma projector, it comes with integrated speakers, so you do not need speakers for smaller rooms. Moreover, the picture quality is outstanding because of which you can also use it in classroom training and watching movies.

13. Optoma EH335 1080p DLP Professional Projector- Easy set up


  • High resolution pictures are astonishing and the graphics are just outstanding, making the videos and pictures on screen just worth watching.
  • Looking for the brightness of the pictures, the pictures have a clarity both in daytime and in a dull light. 
  • Featuring several ports and HDMI, one can easily connect it to several external devices for better experience.
  • Projector being lightweight, one can easily take it to different places with no inconvenience and give presentations.
  • Take care of the network control system so that you can connect with Extron or Telnet so that you won’t face problems in huge installations.


Weighing 6.70 pounds, it is lightweight so you can carry it with you with ease. Moreover, the brightness with 3600 lumens is well balanced so you can use it either indoors or outdoors with no compromise with the picture quality. High-resolution images of 1080 p are supported and provide pictures of better clarity. Furthermore, it has enough ports for connectivity. Not just this, but also the network setup is easy allowing you to connect with Extron or Telnet. They perfectly set colors giving you the experience of actual pictures. 

Remote coming along with it can manage two control two projectors. Plus, the lamp attached to it has a long life up to 15000 or a little more hours, that means you can use the projector for 3 to 4 hours a day and it still works for 10 years approx with no replacement. Installation is flexible which means you can set it up either in small or medium-sized rooms. Color quality along with the picture is good enough to impress you. With the help of a vertical keystone, you do not have to repeatedly set up the image on the screen.

FINAL OPINION: One of the best Optoma projector for presentations, it has the best picture quality along with the color clarity. In addition, the setting up is easy with networks like Extron and Telnet. Having several ports on the back, you can connect it with various external devices. Also, it supports 3D images for an actual life experience. Lamp work for over 15000 hours even after using it for 3 hours a day. Being a lightweight projector, you should not worry about its portability. And if you like to set it up on the lawn, you can as the brightness is balanced.

14. Optoma GT1080Darbee Short Throw Projector- Darbee Vision image 


  • Using the Darbee technology for enhancing the image quality, it provides the best gaming experience. 
  • Using a lens for short throw range, it allows you to see the image size of 120 inches even from the nearest distance of 4 inches.
  • Provides the support to images or movies to work in a 3D format, therefore you can get the actual experience.
  • Contrast ratio makes the color and the picture quality even better to give you the best experience. 
  • Weight is light enough for you to carry it to any place with no inconvenience, therefore it is portable. 


3000 lumens of brightness is enough to make the pictures bright enough for the people to enjoy every bit with no blur vision. With 1080 p high resolution, pictures are of a noble quality. Supported with a Darbee vision, it takes care of the picture quality and the detailing, sharpness of the image and depth. Having a quick response time of 16 ms, it is ideal for gaming purposes as it provides a lag free game. Also, it supports the 3D format of the picture, all you need is 3D glasses.

Though It has a Darbee vision, it saves a lot of energy and makes the lamp light work for over 8000 years and then you can replace the light. Short throw lens makes it work and provides a clear image of size 120 inches with just a few inches away. But the projector could be even better if it had adjustable focal length. Also, there is a problem with eco mode. Normal mode works better but eco mode may create issues. 

FINAL OPINION: With the Darbee technology, it supports nothing but the best. Having the short throw lens, it is one of the best Optoma projector, which means you can watch things on the screen from near. Image quality is so fine that you see every detail in the picture. Moreover, it can work in all the lights. Be it a small room, dark room or in a garden area, it does not give up on the image quality. Plus, it being lightweight; you do not have to care about carrying it. Therefore, you can use it to watch movies or any sports events with friends and family or play games.

15. Optoma HD142X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector- HD resolution pictures


  • With the full HD resolution, you get the best experience of watching movies or playing games.
  • Colors are vibrant and bright, which looks more real when you look at it because of the detailing.
  • Supporting 3D format means you can enjoy watching 3D movies also if you have 3D glasses.
  • Settings are in a way that the daylight scenes in a movie look bright and the dark scenes are detailed.
  • Connectivity is amazing as you can connect your devices with the projector and make it a smart projector and play games or share.


Another best Optoma projector it is lightweight and durable. One can take it with themselves in the garden areas for movie nights with friends or in a room as they like, as it weighs just 5.5 pounds. 3000 lumens is enough to provide enough brightness in the picture that you can watch the movie in any light. Having enough brightness provides clear visibility to the images on it. Also, it provides a clear image at an affordable price. With 1080 p resolution, the pictures are of high definition quality.

Having a lamp life of 8000 hours means you can enjoy watching movies or playing games for 1 or 2 hours and still it works for 10 or more years. But if compared to other projectors, it is less. Supporting  3D format allows you to enjoy watching 3D movies or games. Depending on the environment, it will just adjust the picture’s brightness. Built-in speakers will allow you to enjoy loud noise requiring no additional speakers for it.

FINAL OPINION: Being lightweight, the best thing is that you can carry it to the lawn or shift it to another room. Colors of the picture look more real. Meantime, the picture quality and the brightness makes it ideal to use it both in daylight and darkness. Also, it supports 3D format, which means you can enjoy 3D movies as well with your family and friends. Not just the best Optoma projector for home theatre but also for gaming. Having built-in speakers, you do not need any other external speakers for the sounds. 

16. Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector– Outstanding picture symmetry


  • Pictures are of high definition quality giving you the experience of actual pictures.
  • Along with the technology used, the picture symmetry is just perfect with the brightness.
  • Quick response time makes it useful for gaming purposes as it does not lag while playing it.
  • It has a long lamp life as it needs replacement after 10 years as it has 15000 hours long life.
  • Pictures are bright and have a good color quality providing the experience of watching a movie in a theatre.


Projectors are a large screen therefore mostly you require large rooms so that you can watch the pictures on screen from a distance. But with this projector, you do not have to worry, as it has a short throw lens which means you just need to sit approx 10 to 12 inches away. With it, you can have a watch picture of the size 120 inches. One needs to be careful while setting up on the wall, as it is specific. Not disappointing with the picture quality, it has amazing picture quality.

1080 p resolution provides the best picture experience sitting just at home. In fact, not just pictures but also it is suitable for playing games as it has a quick response system. 3600 lumens of brightness suffices to provide enough bright pictures even with lights switched on. In addition, it has a long lamp life, that means you can use the screen for over 3 hours a day and still it works for over 10 years. Having a CEC technology allows you to control the projectors as well as the devices attached to it.

FINAL OPINION: With the HD resolution, the picture quality is excellent. Not just suitable for watching movies, but also for gaming as it has a quick response system. Also, it has a long lamp life of over 10 years. Colors of the pictures are outstanding. Remote coming along can control the projector along with the other devices you connect it with. In addition, you do not require large rooms for setting up the projector as you can watch movies from a short range.


What are some Benefits of Optoma Projector ?

Better picture quality- One benefit of an Optoma projector is that it provides an amazing picture quality. On a big screen, there is a bigger picture that gives you a feeling of home theatres because of the higher resolutions. With an amazing projector, you also get a better viewing angle and a better projection.

Size of the screen- Amongst the benefits, the biggest one can be the size of the screen which you can adjust according to your need. If you want a bigger screen, you can shift to the bigger room and if you want a smaller screen, you can shift it to another room. Projectors are usually portable, thus you won’t find much difficulty in shifting it. In addition, you do not strain your eyes as the size will be bigger and wider. Also, it does not gain much space as your screen does not need to be fixed at a place. When not in need, you can simply take it and place it in your almirahs. 

Space available- Another feature of it is that it does not require much space. You can simply drag it down on the wall when you are using it. And when not in use, you can simply roll it and store it. This way, you would not need any extra space at home. If you dislike to store it after every use, the other way is that you can fix it on the wall as there are projectors you can fix it on the wall. But more beneficial is to buy a projector which you can store as then you don’t need extra space.

Price of the projector- Price is always an essential factor when you consider any product. The best Optoma projector is available at different prices ranging from low to high. Depending on what model you buy, the size you are looking for, the price of the projector changes. 

Portability- Projectors being lightweight, it is portable that means one can carry it from one place to another. Therefore, you can shift your theatre indoor and outdoor. Weighing between 2 and 25 lbs approx, you won’t find a problem moving it. On the other hand, you cannot regularly shift the place of your television.

Features to look for in a projector

When you buy a projector, you spend a lot of money on it. Therefore, it becomes important for you to consider several factors so that you do not go wrong in buying a projector-

Screen size- Along with the screen material, mount, etc, it is important that you also look for the screen size. Basically, the size of the screen means the width of the screen. The larger the screen size, the better the view will be. But when you look for screen size, it is important that you look for the size of the room where you want to fix the screen. Although, you can look for the bigger screen for better visibility if you have a space available.

Brightness of the screen- Brightness is an important feature to look for when buying a projector. When you look for it, make sure that you do not get a screen with so much brightness nor very less brightness. Very high or very low brightness can affect your eyesight. 

Color- Color clarity is an important factor to look for as it results in the picture quality. One must take care of the colors a screen produces. If the picture quality is good, it will have better visibility. 

Aspect ratio- Another thing to look for when buying a projector is the aspect ratio. Basically, aspect ratio is the size of the image on the screen. Now that depends on the things you like to watch more frequently. 

Price- Most people have an assumption that projectors are expensive but what they forget is their benefits. Available in such an enormous size, that gives you theatre vibes ought to be expensive. When you go for a projector, it is important that you consider the price and the features available at that price. Being a long-term investment, as you cannot replace it within months or 1 or 2 years, you must be careful when purchasing. 

Lumens in a Projector: Lumens is basically the unit of measurement for the brightness of a projector. Now there are two types of brightness: white brightness and color brightness. Whenever you go to buy a projector, this is the first thing to look for. Depending on the environment or the light present there, you can look for the lumens in a projector. If you prefer to watch movies or sports events in a dark room, then 1000 to 1500 lumens are enough for a projector. But you need to take care that no other light enters the room otherwise it can affect the visibility. 

If you like to use the projector indoors with the lights on, then you would need anything around 2000 lumens of brightness for clear vision. And if you prefer to use a projector on the lawns, then you must look for the lumens above 3000 for a clear picture.


Q. What is the best optoma projector to buy?

Some of the best Optoma Projectors are- 

Optoma GT1090HDR short throw projector

Optoma UHD38 Bright, 4k UHD projector

Optoma X400LVe XGA Professional projector

Optoma HD142X 1080 p Home theater projector

Optoma EH335 1080 p DLP projector

Q. What is the best settings for Optoma projector?

For the best settings of an Optoma projector, you need to first properly place the lens. After this look for the screen distance as normally projectors are compatible with a 100 inch screen if it is 10 feet away. Then you can fix the light of a projector and the focus. Next, it is up to you whether you want a wireless connection or wired connection. 

Q. How to calculate projector screen size?

When calculating a projector screen size, you need to look for a few factors. And then solve an equation.

Aspect ratio- Usually if you prefer High definition then go for 16:9 and if you want to go for theatre screen you can go with 2.35:1.

Throw ratio- Dividing the width by the distance can help you calculate the throw ratio. 

After this, you can use Pythagoras’ theorem and find out the projector screen size using height, width and diagonal. 

Q. How to determine the best projector screen size?

Depending on the room size, mainly the best projector screen size ranges between 100 and 120 inches. Neither it is a wise choice to have an enormous projector nor too small. Next look for the space between the viewing position and the screen. Make sure the distance is not too less between the two. After finding the distance, next look for a horizontal viewing angle that means the position of the screen corner from where you have your seatings. 

Q. How are short throw projectors beneficial? 

Short throw projectors are suitable for even small rooms unlike other projectors as you can watch the pictures of larger size even from shorter distances. 

Q. Are Optoma projectors worth buying? 

Optoma projectors are worth buying as they provide the best quality at affordable prices. Be it for home theaters or for gaming or even professional use, Optoma has it all. 

Q. Can I watch Netflix and Amazon shows on a projector? 

Recent projectors come along several ports to connect smart devices with the projector. Therefore, you can connect your phones and watch a series of Netflix and Amazon Prime on a projector. 


Buying a home theatre can be a significant decision only if you choose the correct projector for yourself. Getting one at your home can give you an experience like a movie hall. Watching sports events and movies can be more fun with the best Optoma projector at home. Making different projectors for different purposes, Optoma is one of the best projector selling companies. Having many advantages, we all know projectors can be expensive, therefore it is a long-term investment.

Therefore, before purchasing a projector, you must look for several features like the size of the screen, picture and color clarity, etc. One thing to remember is that even the lowest priced projectors are not too cheap to get it frequently. Thus, you need to go through several researches on the projectors. Some of the best projectors from the list are-

Optoma UHD38 Bright, True 4K UHD Projector- Quick response time, suitable for gaming as well as watching movies, and outstanding picture quality.

Optoma X400LVe XGA Professional Projector- 1600 p resolution pictures, eco+ mode, lightweight, and amazing detailing of the pictures.

Optoma EH335 1080p DLP Professional Projector- Images are fine, easy to carry, setting is easy and mainly for professional use.