10 Best TVs for Watching Netflix: Enjoy Your Favorite Shows, Movie, and Series

Currently, one name that comes to our mind when we talk about entertainment is Netflix. The most-watched OTT platform all over the world with its pool of favorable content for everyone is none other than Netflix.

So, whether you take a daily break from your monotonous schedule to relax with some entertainment or plan a binge-watch weekend with your friends, and family Netflix will be the common name every time.

However, it is not possible if your TV is not up to look the mark. To enjoy the intensity and the picture quality of the content, you must have a TV that delivers you stellar performance. Hence here are some UHD 4K TVs that you can buy to add more value to your OTT entertainment. Have a look:

List of the best TVs for Netflix (4k)

1. VIZIO V705-H 4K UHD LED SmartCast Smart TV

Why should you buy it?

  1. While watching Netflix, you must be getting the higher clarity with the 4K entertainment, which this TV serves better.
  2. This TV includes the amazing HDR Dolby Vision so that you can transform your experience with dramatic picture quality.
  3. Millions of pixels work together to serve you an amazing experience favorite content.
  4. Not only Netflix but also offers seamless access to YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, etc.


Binge-watching the shows on Netflix is worth an experience that everyone wants on the holidays. To add value to your experience, the VIZIO, 4k UHD LED SmartCast TV does the best job. This Tv has some great functionalities and qualities which are hard to ignore.

This new series of the VIZIO V-Series 4k HDR Smart TV combines the 4k UHD resolution along with its full array of backlighting that enriches your experience with a great touch of creativity.

What adds more value to this TV is, it includes the Dolby Vision high dynamic range and the highly impressive IQ Active Processor so that you can never complain about the picture quality that it serves. From “Money Heist” to “Never Have I Ever”, everything will be of the finest quality with a great entertaining experience.

It features the Active Pixel Tuning with its intelligent level of pixel and brightness adjustment so that you can get enhanced accuracy with the picture. Not only NetFlix lovers but also gamers will love this TV as it features the latest Xbox One and the PlayStation gameplay with a V-Gaming Engine.

With the VIZIO SmartCast, get lightning-fast navigation through Netflix, Disney +, YouTube, and many more. Moreover, there are free streaming channels to blow your mind.

  • Works great with the Apple AirPlay and Chromecast Built-in Stream
  • Integrates finely with the Dynamic Motion Rate 120 and DTS Virtual X
  • Gets started quickly with the QuickStart Mode
  • The flat and sleek design complements your interior
  • This TV can expose you to the harmful chemicals
  • Pricey
  • Only 60Hz refresh rate

Final Opinion: This 70” 4K UHD Tv includes almost everything that you need to have for a great holiday Netflix session experience. You can simply discover wonders with its stellar picture quality. From its simple hands-free voice control to its 3 UHD/HDR enabled HDMI ports, it offers several features which are tough to write up in words.

Hence, if you are spending your bucks on a TV, you must look for all the features this one gives so that you can make a better decision. Take our words; this one will not disappoint you.

2. LG OLED65C1PUB 4K Smart OLED TV with AI ThinQ

Why should you buy it?

  • An Ultra sleek TV, which will add more charm to your interior and will give you the entertainment you long for.
  • This TV excels in both offering amazing entertainment with content streaming and amazing gaming.
  • You get the guarantee from one of the leading company LG who is highly popular for the quality of their TV series.
  • Stuffed with features like Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos for amazing picture quality and multi-dimensional picture surround


The reason why we have added this TV to our list is, it is created with the self-luminous display technology, which is capable of making a difference in the way you watch the TV. This TV is highly restricted with the backlight technology, which makes it offer you the ultimate realism with the thinner designs.

With its millions of pixels, this TV can produce the perfect black and white. This TV, with its Dolby Vision IQ and the Dolby Atmos, excellently adjusts the picture settings based on the genre of the content and the surrounding. You can turn on the Filmmaker mode that turns off the motion smoothing. At the same time, it preserves the original aspect ratio, frame rate, and color.

Moreover, its OLED Motion Pro with Advanced motion handling technology reduces any unnecessary motion blur. Moreover, with its Sports Alert, you can enjoy the amazing sports in no time with great excitement.

Another feature that makes this TV an amazing companion for your Netflix streaming is, it is Bluetooth surround ready. The core of this Tv is the a9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K chip that ensures a smooth function all the time. The AI Picture Pro, on the other hand, removes any unnecessary noise that amplifies your experience in the right way.

  • With its ThinQ feature, it maximizes your experience.
  • The navigation is much faster.
  • With the Hotkeys, you get access to all the shortcuts of the contents.
  • The remote control adds more speed to the functionalities
  • Power consuming
  • Needs improvement for refresh rate

Final Opinion: When it comes to buying a TV that offers you a stellar experience with your Netflix streaming, nothing can beat the performance of this unit. This TV not only includes some of the great features which are brilliant for an amazing viewing experience, but also it includes the best pricing, which offers great value for your purchase. At the same time, you get the CPS 4-year accidental television extended protection with all the necessary coverage.

3. SAMSUNG QLED 4K 32Q50 Series Smart TV

Why should you buy it?

  • This TV can let you have an amazing experience with seamless content streaming through Netflix.
  • Along with its Quantum Dot Technology, this TV ensures that you are getting access to a dazzling picture range with great colors.
  • The processor is highly impressive and works with perfection
  • The Real 4K Resolution delivers very crispy and clear images


This TV is an amazing champion with its bucket full of features. From its 100% color volume to producing billions of stellar shades to adding a realistic touch to the content, this TV does everything with perfection.

What is more amazing about this TV is, it enhances the detailing on the picture in a stunning manner so that it can reveal more fineness with its results. The simple screen guide makes it even easier to browse through your content as you can find out the excellent streaming of the content and the great live TV shows.

You can go hands-free when it comes to enjoying your entertainment to the fullest. With its Bixby integration, you can command your TV to control it at any time. Moreover, OneRemote has everything in it that lets you control your TV swiftly. The QLED meets the newest Apple TV app for a plush functionality that you will rarely want to miss out on.

  • With a powerful processor, this TV works very smoothly.
  • Yet get plenty of inputs and outputs compatibility.
  • 20W sound output is enough to give you an immersive experience.
  • The resolution it delivers is worth appreciating.
  • Lacks a few modern features.
  • The interface needs a bit more improvement.

Final Opinion: If your sole goal is to enjoy Netflix and other OTT content on a TV, then this one can give you the best value for your money. With its 3 HDMI ports, 1 Ethernet, 2 USB ports, and the Digital Audio output along with the composite input, this TV enables multiple functions in front of you. Overall, it delivers a very stable and impressive performance for entertainment purposes.

4. Sony X80J 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV

Why should you buy it?

  • This TV can offer a very optimal and brighter color experience that can amaze you every time you watch content.
  • You can browse seamless content from your favorite services in one place
  • This TV is great for both the amazing sports and movie experience as it delivers life-like pictures
  • Lets you delve into the 4K X-Reality


What are the things that you most expect from a TV when you watch Netflix? Amazing picture quality, adequate brightness, faster yet smooth performance, and great picture contrast with the detailed image, right? This unit from Sony has everything in it that you want to amplify while watching the content streaming.

The 4K HDR Processor X1 that it boasts delivers a picture that is smooth, clear, and filled with color. With its Triluminos PRO, this TV is capable of reproducing more colors than you see in any standard TV.

Whether it is giving you access to more than 700000 movies and TV episodes or it is giving you access to all the famous content platforms, it does everything neatly.

There are Motionflow XR and the 4k X-Reality Pro that lets you know how an ideal TV should perform. You can simply command what you want to watch with its Google Assistant, Alexa compatibility.

  • This TV works great with the AirPlay2
  • You can easily wall-mount this TV
  • Support HDR and Dolby Vision
  • Refresh rate problem

Final Opinion: If you do not want to break your bank to buy a UHD TV with a 4k processor, then this TV is the best option for you. This TV is created with some amazing features on which you can rely upon to make any of your Netflix sessions worth enjoying. However, it needs to work on its input options, but you can choose this TV for an immersive experience every time, to enjoy all your content across Netflix, Google TV, Hulu, Amazon, etc.

5. TCL 5-Series 4K UHD QLED Roku Smart TV

Why should you buy it?

  • This TV includes the features which can give you the best value for your price.
  • For both gaming and content streaming, this TV is a game-changer
  • It delivers great brightness, which adjusts as per the content type and surrounding
  • It offers amazing clarity with its image.


This 5-Series 4K TCL QLED TV is filled with the features like the Quantum Dot technology and the HDR Pro Pack, along with the Dolby Vision, which can emphasize your experience in a great way.
With this TV, you can simply access thousands of streaming channels that are presented in front of you with a simple and responsive interface. Therefore, the sleek and modern design with the added intuitiveness makes this TV great.

There are plenty of other benefits like the premium picture quality with the HDR Pro Pack and the Dolby Vision, which supports the most popular kind of high-dynamic-range formats that can rightly elevate your viewing experience. There are contrast Control Zones that you can use for great contrast.

Moreover, this TV delivers a very swift voice control which works great with both the Google Assistant and the Amazon Alexa. If you are a diehard gamer, then the Auto Game Mode is just for you. Moreover, with its 4 HDMI inputs, you can connect to all your favorite devices easily.

  • Includes a quick start guide for easy starting
  • Easy to control
  • The Auto Game Mode is simply a great inclusion
  • The sound quality needs some improvement

Final Opinion: If you are looking for a TV to enhance your enjoyment during the Sunday binge sessions, then this TV is a perfect suit for you with its Roku Smart TV platform that offers access to a large number of contents. Besides its great inbuilt functions, this TV offers an integrated cable management system with which you can simply beautify your living room while enjoying some great content

6. Hisense ULED U8G Quantum Series Android 4K Smart TV

Why should you buy it?

  • Offers entertainment dipped in vibrance and brightness
  • Creates a theatre-like experience at home
  • With the HDR and peak brightness, it creates images that look life-like and clear.
  • Creates billions of vibrant colors


We recommend this TV for your Netflix venture because there are more than one reasons, which makes this unit highly charming and worth adding to your home’s corner.

This TV comes with the Quantum Dot that produces billions of colors to create a very pure, rich, and complete accuracy with the pictures. The resolution it offers is four times higher than the regular Full HD screen.

You can simply bring the theatre to your home with its Dolby Vision HDR picture. Moreover, the added Dolby Atmos Sound offers a very immersive experience that can delight you every time you turn on the TV to watch your favorite Netflix show.

With more local dimming zones, this TV produces the darkest dark and the brightest bright that soothes your eyes and lets you enjoy the detailing with the picture. With its U8G’s peak brightness and up to 1500 nits, you can have an experience of stellar pictures every time.

We doubt if any other TV can create the smoothness in Motion that this TV creates along with its 120Hz native refresh rate. Its IMAX enhanced features and the DTS makes this TV a perfect one for the streaming of digital content.

Even the gaming tech it offers is highly advanced so that you can keep yourself engaged in both the hi-res content watching and smooth gaming.

  • Offers lag-free performance
  • Delivers incredible sound
  • Catches every minor detail in the picture
  • The design could have been better
  • A bit pricey

Final Opinion: This TV simply can be one of your best choices as it includes most of the amazing features and functionalities. Whether it is the brightest color it produces or the intensity of sound that it delivers, it can improve your experience of enjoying the entertainment. However, not only for content streaming but also for gaming, you can choose this one if you are ready to pay for the amount. It will be worth the investment.

7. Toshiba Smart 4K UHD with Dolby Vision – Fire TV

Why should you buy it?

  • The sleek design of it rightly fits the corner of your home
  • You can control this TV with your smart home automation
  • There are plenty of features to benefit your preferences
  • With its Dolby Vision, it creates impressive pictures


You can experience the breathtaking 4K pictures with HD quality, with just one tap on the remote. From the amazing clarity, vivid colors to the deepest of contrast, this TV has everything to offer in its store. (fabulouseyebrowthreading)

Along with the Dolby vision HDR, this TV can stunningly deliver an enhanced quality of the picture. With its expanded range of contrast and brightness, it can simply create magic in front of you.

This Toshiba TV boasts its inbuilt speed and performance, which speaks the words of efficiency every time. With its quad-core CPU /Multi-core GPU, this Tv offers instant search results and faster responsiveness.

This TV lets you connect easily along with the dual-band Wi-Fi and with three HDMI inputs so that you can delve into a highly incredible experience.

What makes this TV more interesting is, you can customize the name for each of the inputs, and you can easily adjust the settings for the pictures for each of the devices that you are connecting with it.

Moreover, this TV is HDR-compatible which lets you enjoy HDR movies and great TV shows.
This Toshiba TV gives you access to the 500000 streaming of the movies and the episodes.

At the same time, you can control this TV with its simple and easy voice remote. You can even get very quick access to Netflix with its dedicated buttons.

  • Offers complete integration with Alexa
  • Highly impressive performance
  • Easy hands-free content browsing and navigation
  • Requires more input-output integration
  • Needs to work on the refresh rate

Final Opinion: This Tv is created with perfection to meet all the needs that you want from any TV when you opt to watch Netflix. There is no need to tell how stellar the shows that we get on Netflix; with this TV, that experience even amplifies more. From its vivid colors to smooth navigation, you get everything with this TV.

8. Philips 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

Why should you buy it?

  • You can watch your Netflix content with the amazing clarity of the 4kUltra HD
  • The brand name Phillips itself talks about the quality
  • It offers the options for endless entertainment
  • Easy content streaming and navigation with the help of Google Assistant


When it comes to enjoying something exclusive on Netflix, you can barely feel the excitement of it if you lack the perfect TV for it. This is why we have added this Philips TV to our list, which is made with perfection to deliver you the kind of entertainment that you have never enjoyed before.

This TV can brilliantly let you explore a smarter way for watching the streaming of the OTT content. What makes this more interesting is, it lets you explore a pool of content without spending more time browsing.

You can easily get all the content from its personalized recommendation on Google Play, Netflix, and YouTube from the other apps which you can directly start to watch.

Google Assistant can even take note of your favorite channel, change the volume and dimming of the lights to make your experience better than ever.

With its HDR 10, this Tv can deliver extensive detail in the colors and pictures. The BrightPro feature, on the other hand, makes it highly efficient in every bit. This TV is solely made for entertaining you. Hence, you can seamlessly expand the library of your entertainment with its Google Play Store.

  • Offers seamless ease in content streaming
  • Easy to organize interface
  • Created with the perfection in offering you hands-free control over your Tv
  • Lacks few important features

Final Opinion: If you are looking for a TV that is solely made for content streaming and watching, then this TV is a perfect match for you. Apart from its amazing integration with the Google Assistant for seamless content streaming, it also features a very sleek and stylish design that can fit your home in a very aesthetic way.

9. LG CX 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ

Why should you buy it?

  • With the AI ThinQ, you can get amazing access to stellar picture quality and seamless content streaming.
  • With its smart OLED feature, this TV redefines the clarity of its picture
  • More number of pixels adds more exclusivity in detailing
  • It comes with a very sleek and stunning design


If you are looking for a TV that can deliver perfection in every aspect, then this OLED TV by LG is the perfect choice for you. Its pool of features makes it more attractive as a TV that you want to have all the time for smooth content streaming.

This TV is great for both movies, gaming, and sports. With its OLED pixels, it can emit its light to produce the perfect black and the intensity of colors for a stunning picture.

This TV is backed by the AI Picture Pro and the AI Sound Pro along with its best-in-class 4K processor, which makes it highly amazing as a TV.

With its 8.3+ million pixels, this TV can create amazing colors and pictures in front of your eyes which is amazing for movies that have been shot in a dark background. You can collect the details from it.

The LG ThinQ fully integrates along with the voice assistant that you are already using. This TV also seamlessly works with the Nvidia G SYNC. The HDMI Speed it offers is faster than ever with the integration of the latest HDMI ports and the eARC.

This TV effectively works on the reduction of the input lags, which makes it work quite faster and with complete smoothness.

  • Good sound quality
  • Complete smoothness
  • With its Filmmaker Mode™, it presents in front of you the cinematic vision of the director
  • The mounting design could have been better

Final Opinion: As you want to back yourself up with a Tv that has everything in it for the Netflix movie streaming, nothing can be better than this one. This TV is simply great in every aspect. Not only Netflix, but also you can get seamless access to the Apple TV app, LG Channels, Disney+, and many more.

10. Philips 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV with Google Assistant

Why should you buy it?

  • Delivers accuracy with the picture quality
  • You can seamlessly explore plenty of content with the easy navigation
  • It brings in front of you plenty of content recommendations
  • Built-in voice assistant to make your task easier


When it comes to finishing your bucket list filled with Netflix shows, you must not allow any ordinary Tv to ruin your experience. This is exactly why we recommend this Tv which is created with perfection with its most amazing features.

This smart Tv makes browsing for the contents easier than ever. It delivers the seamless recommendation for all the contents across YouTube, Netflix, Google Play that you can keep on watching one after another.

With its 4K UHD, it brings in front of you a highly attractive experience. The HDR 10 delivers better details with charming colors. It handles the brightness with smoothness along with the help of the BrightPro feature. The wireless LAN 802.11ac MIMO is great in delivering seamless streaming in front of you.

You can wirelessly mirror your smartphone with this TV while at the same time you can expand your library with the Google Play Store.

  • Delivers clarity with the pictures
  • Quick and easy navigation through contents
  • Better detailing with the brightness
  • The input and output options are limited.

Final Opinion: When it comes to picking a TV that delivers perfection with content streaming, you can blindly trust this one. From quick content navigation to seamless content control with the voice assistant, this TV has everything to offer in front of you, which can amplify your experience every time you switch it on.

Buying Guide

Before you make any decision about buying the TV to watch Netflix, you must take note of some of the features it offers. Here are the features that you must consider before you make a purchase:

Screen resolution:

Whether you want a 4K TV or an 8k or an HD is completely dependent on your preference, but you should take the one that simply suits your requirements.

The more pixels that TV has, the more it will go on delivering sharper and better pictures. While HD has become a standard screen resolution, you can switch to the Ultra HD sets that have 4k resolution, which can let you enjoy the perfect detailing in the picture quality, which is highly beneficial while you are watching content on Netflix.

Refresh rate:

If you want your TV to be efficient in both gaming and content streaming, then the refresh rate is a must-have in your TV. The standard refresh rate is 60Hz for any Tv.

But to enjoy the rapidly moving objects in an action movie or on gaming, you must want better motion. Hence you can opt for the 120 Hz refresh rate for better clutter-free and lag-free picture motion.


When it comes to watching movies on Netflix, you cannot feel the real essence of the movie if you are not able to see the real and proper color.

For this reason, HDR can be a great feature on which you can rely to get the best vivid and brighter colors in front of your eyes.

HDMI and connectivity:

The more the number of the connectivity is, the more it will help you to get better functions on your TV. The number of HDMI inputs the TV set can help you to add more devices to your TV.

TV types:

Whether you want to have LCD, LED, or OLED is completely dependent on your choice. However, while the LCD has become the standard type, you can opt for the OLED to get access to stellar picture quality.


Q. What is the best smart TV for Netflix?

LG CX 4K Smart OLED is one of the great choices when it comes to picking the smart TV for your Netflix streaming. With its AI ThinQ, this TV can give you better access to amazing content experiences. Moreover, it delivers a very smooth, lag-free motion which is a must-have to enjoy your movies.

Q. What is a cheap and smart TV for Netflix?

Philips 43PFL5604/F7 TV is one of the most cost-efficient choices for your Netflix content enjoyment. This TV has most of the important features in it for ease of content browsing, and at the same time, it benefits you with hands-free content browsing with a voice assistant.

Q. What is the best TV setting for Netflix?

here is what Netflix asks you to do for the settings while watching content on it:
1. It is better to turn off the Motion smoothing or the Interpolation
2. The color temperature must be normal
3. It is better to enable the HDR

Conclusion: When it comes to buying the best TV for your Netflix content streaming, you must look for the one that delivers seamless content streaming and great picture quality with sound, which can blow your mind with its extensivity. The more function the TV has, the more it will amplify your experience.

Our recommendation is the VIZIO V-Series V705-H 4K UHD LED SmartCast Smart TV, which is stuffed with great functionalities like higher clarity, 4K processor, amazing refresh rate, etc., which makes it a great choice for both content watching and gaming.