Why is API Testing Important to Secure Open Banking Apps

Today, as the global economy is evolving more rapidly than ever before, open banking has become more invincible as it allows faster and more secure transactions anywhere in the world. Moreover, it offers consumers more opportunities to manage their finances without risk. 

Open banking refers to the practice of enabling secure connections in the banking industry, allowing third-party developers and payment and financial service providers to access bank data. This enables them to create financial products and services and access banking transactions. 

These third-party organizations use programming interfaces, i.e. API(Application Programming Interface) to access the data. While open banking offers a vast range of opportunities, it may pose detrimental risks; therefore, API testing is more important. 

So, in this article, we will discuss the importance of API testing in open banking apps and how(if) it is essential to ensure the security of these applications. 

But first, we will get started by discussing what API Testing is. 

To start with, API is a code that ensures communication exchange between two software programs. All applications have an API layer, which focuses on the business logic in the application. 

API testing is a kind of software testing that is performed to analyze an application program interface. This test unveils if the application fulfills its expected functionality, security, performance, and reliability. API tests can be conducted on the API or as a part of integration testing. 

It is important to note that API testing is contrary to user interface (UI) testing, which is conducted to analyze the applications’ overall look and feel. API testing, however, analyzes the business logic security, and data responses. The test is conducted by requesting one or more API endpoints and contrasting their responses with expected results. 

API test is aimed to automate the test scenarios that would otherwise require manual execution by developers. So the scenarios can be: 

  • Connecting with an API endpoint to make calls to it
  • Request multiple endpoints simultaneously
  • Testing different versions of endpoint based on a variable. 

FYI, no matter what the scenario, you would need the internet to carry out the tests. Therefore, we would advise you to use a reliable connection to conduct the tests most aptly. Optimum Internet, in that regard, would be a great fit. It offers bandwidth with maximum reliability. On top of that, Spanish customers may get exclusive details by contacting Optimum servicio al cliente which is available round the clock. 

Does API Testing Help Secure Open Banking Applications?

The answer to the question is, Yes, API testing helps secure open banking applications. 

But how? 

Well, APIs are the crucial means of data exchange between banks and third-party developers. It provides access to entire customer data, enabling third-party developers to work around financial products and services. While APIs are crucial, they are susceptible to various risks. For example, attackers can exploit API vulnerabilities to get access to unauthorized data and may initiate fraudulent actions. Therefore, the API Tests identify the patches to recover them before they are found by online criminals. 

All in all, when it comes to open API testing, banks will need to validate API queries’ data response and behavior during the test. The process can be automated by including functional testing, data validation, and regression testing.

Here are two general reasons you should conduct API tests. 

Fast: This test is quick and simple to implement and automate. 

Works with Other Tests: While these tests can be conducted individually, they can be integrated with other tests for greater efficiency. 

What Does Banking Application Testing Look Like? 

As far as banking application testing is concerned, it involves testing the entire baking application, from mobile app to backend systems. By conducting this test, you can ensure that the applications are working optimally. 

Several techniques can be involved in banking application testing, including functional, regression, load, and performance. All these techniques can help a bank app to function correctly, handle a large number of users, and respond to their requests. As a result, customers can use them seamlessly, without any problem. 

Final Thoughts 

API testing is primarily important for open banking apps as APIs are the primary means of data exchange between banks and third-party service providers. These tests ensure that the security and reliability of open banking apps are kept intact. Thus, banks must invest in applying API tests to get insights into the details of the areas where improvement is needed.