Compass Akron Bakery Punclut: Aesthetic Culinary Tourism in Bandung

Ever imagined being able to have a culinary tour with aesthetic instagramable spots? You can get that by coming to one of the places in Compass Akron, namely Bakery Punclut. Compass Akron Bakery Punclut is a restaurant that has a classic European-style concept with a palace-like building. Let’s find out more about one of the tours in Compass Akron as well as this unique cafe through an article from Cove. Read on for the rest!

Compass Akron Bakery Punclut Attraction

The uniqueness as well as the main attraction of Compass Akron Bakery Punclut is the magnificent dark castle. This castle is also a favorite photo spot for visitors because of its uniqueness. Not infrequently this castle is used as a background for more romantic prewedding photos.

Mountain View

Located in a highland area, Compass Akron Bakery Punclut certainly has a beautiful view that cannot be missed. You can eat while enjoying the beautiful mountain view and the beauty of Bandung. Moreover, the atmosphere around is very cool and surrounded by trees, making it more comfortable to linger in this place.

Spot Instagramable

Not only the castle, Compass Akron Bakery Punclut provides other instagramable spots that can be explored by visitors. For example, there is a European-style castle bridge spot and a sky walk spot that is also a favorite spot for visitors to take pictures. Snapshots at Compass Akron Bakery Punclut are guaranteed to make your Instagram feeds even cooler!

Recommended Must-Order Menu

Although the name is Compass Akron Bakery Punclut, this place does not only provide bread. There are so many menus that you can order like you’re in a fancy restaurant. You can enjoy food in this place starting from Rp18,000 only. So what’s on the menu? Here are the menu recommendations that must be ordered if you stop by Compass Akron Bakery Punclut.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Western food lovers who love this food can order it at Compass Akron Bakery Punclut. Chicken Cordon Bleu is also a best seller menu that is often ordered by visitors to this restaurant. The price is quite affordable at Rp55,000 per portion.